So before I get started, there’re some things I should say first: kinda like a disclaimer.

I say a lot of crazy stuff. I generally don’t care what people think of the crazy stuff that I say. I also don’t generally care if it’s “accurate” – I write (or speak) based on my own impressions and feelings about something. I don’t usually look things up. You might need all your opinions to be completely supported by concrete facts – I don’t. Because there are so many things that are based as much in perception as they are supported by ‘science.’

That’s just how I am.

I expect that means that only people who are my friends will read this stuff, since if they didn’t appreciate – or at least accept – the way I conduct my thinking, they would (I’d hope) stop being my friends. I’m alright with that. All I ask of friends is that they remember that I’m not trying to tell you what the truth is. I’m just here telling you my truth.


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